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Right posture can prevent text neck

PHOTO: The Star/Asia News Network

Tan Shiow Chin
The Star/Asia News Network Sep 08, 2017

PETALING JAYA - Simple adjustments to body posture will help prevent neck pain and soreness caused by prolonged mobile phone or tablet usage, also known as "text neck".

According to rehabilitation science researcher Nizar Abdul Ma­jeed Kutty, electronic devices should be held at eye level in order to prevent the head from bending forward and straining the neck muscles and joints.

The Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman senior lecturer in physiotherapy said people should sit up straight with their head positioned such that the ears are over the shoulders and the feet planted firmly on the floor, while using electro­nic devices.

"Good posture is not only good for the health of your spine, it is also good for the overall health and mood," he said.

He said there are apps that can help alert users when they have stared at a device for too long.

This is so that users are reminded to take a break from the screen and avoid prolonged periods of straining their neck and eyes.

Chiropractor Eugene Yang said he has seen a growing number of young patients suffering from text neck.



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